The modern, hygienic and professional solution.

For the first time in history, the kind of waxing your clients will love.

Say goodbye to double-dipping.

DispoWax removes hygienic concerns by storing the wax in a way that is safe to your clients and convenient to you.

Instead of the traditional method of dipping many spatulas into a single wax canister, the DispoWax delivers just the right amount of wax you want to a regular-sized paper cup.

Your wax is kept in a central chamber under pressure and careful temperature control. When you wish to dispense the wax, simply open the faucet and the warm wax flows freely into the cup beneath.

Once you are finished with your client, simply throw the cup out along with the spatulas you used.

The right temperature at
the right time.

Wax and temperature don't always get along. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We engineered DispoWax to maintain precise and consistent temperature throughout your every treatment, so your clients never experience a sudden rise in temperature when the wax is applied on the skin.

Our novel and patented approach to quickly warming up cold wax means that you will be ready to service a client within 15 minutes of starting DispoWax.

Efficient and easy.

We took great care in making the DispoWax easy to start, easy to use and easy to clean. Once you turn on the DispoWax, you leave it running throughout your day.

There are two canister pods on the side so you can keep reserve wax warm and ready at all times. Refilling the main chamber is as easy as opening it up from the top and emptying one of these wax canisters.

Simply place a paper cup in the cup holder, and open the faucet on the top. The wax flows freely at the right temperature. Close it and you're done.

With easy grip handles, few moving parts and no hard-to-reach spots, the DispoWax is a breeze to use and keep clean.

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Size and Weight

Height: 42cm / 16.5"

Width: 44.5cm / 17.5"

Depth: 30.5cm / 12"

Weight: 12.7kg / 28lbs (15.9kg / 35lbs with wax)

Wax Canisters and Cups

Wax Canisters: 800mL Canisters Recommended

Cups: Standard/Biodegradable 8oz (235mL) Paper Cup

Electrical and Operating Requirements

Line Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase

Maximum continuous power: 300W

Digitally-adjustable temperature

Compliant with Canadian Electrical/Electronic Safety Standards


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Warranty and Refund Policy

Comes with one-year repair warranty against manufacturing defects.

We accept unused product returns with a 20% restocking fee. Used products or products missing original packaging are not subject to refunds.

DispoWax is designed and manufactured in 🍁 | US Patent No. 13/604,744 | Canadian Patent No. 2,788,853